We Are Tiger

A Creative Writing Project

 To accompany our production of I Am Tiger, Perth Theatre worked with four Writer/Drama Artists to create and facilitate writing workshops with secondary aged pupils. These workshops explored the language we use to express our emotions and considered how writing can help our mental health.

We worked with secondary schools, youth theatres and youth-action events across Perth and Kinross.

.The output from these workshops can be seen on this website, in the online dictionary and notes for a rainy day. A massive thanks to all of the young people who participated in these workshops and have shared their words with us.

“The pupils had some profound reflections, particularly regarding their peers and emotions and dealing with existence in general.”

“It was wonderful to see the pupils interact with each other in such a way and have this space for them to explore.”

“The drama artist was fantastic with the young people and created an enjoyable and safe space”